Beach Nourishment

As you know, the Town of Surf City has been working on a nourishment project to place sand on the beach from Banks Channel all along the Surf City oceanfront. This project will advance your shoreline to 150 feet wide with a 1 on 20 slope.

We plan to begin construction spring of 2020. However, prior to construction, the Town needs your approval to deposit sand and perform other work associated with beach nourishment on your property. The property on which the Town will need to work lies waterward of your frontal dune. This area is specifically described on the enclosed easement. Please be aware that this is not a perpetual easement; the Town only request the easement rights through 2048.

You will not lose land or access rights when you sign the easement. We are simply asking for your approval to deposit sand and work on a specific area of your property. All owners having an interest in the property must sign an easement.

Please return the easement with notarized signatures by January 7, 2019 to:

Town of Surf City – Easements

PO Box 2475, Surf City, NC 28445

Surf City Beach Nourishment Plan

Surf City Beach Presentation