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CAMA - State of NC Division of Coastal Management 

Oceanfront deck and beach access repair.

No permit necessary.

The ONLY thing that can be built on the oceanside of the vegetation line is a stairway down to the beach.

If they have an existing deck or walkway, it can remain and stairs can be built off of it.

If their walkway was totally destroyed the farthest they can come toward the ocean is top of dune and build a stairway directly down to the beach.

If the house had a deck on the oceanside that has been destroyed and it is now seaward of the vegetation line, the ONLY thing they can build is a 6x6 platform at the door level and a stairway directly to the beach.

For more questions please call Jason Dail at 910-796-7221 or email at

This will be CLOSELY monitored for compliance over the coming months.

Replacement of Existing Structures

General Conditions

General Use Standards for Ocean Hazard Areas