Mainland Park Project

Mainland Park Plot

Surf City, NC- The Town of Surf City is another step closer towards implementing their future Mainland Park Project. On Wednesday, July 15th, the Town of Surf City was able to purchase approximately 60 acres from the Batts Family Corporation, created by the late Earl G. Batts and wife, Inez S. Batts in 1974. The vacant land sits next to the existing Surf City Community Center and Athletic Complex, located at 201 Community Center Drive. This property will be the site for future recreational facilities, which includes a skate park, trails, sand volleyball courts, 100% inclusive playground, the relocation of the disc golf course, and more. “We’re very pleased to be able to work with the Batts Family on securing this land. It was important that their legacy continues, and Surf City will be proud to help them do that by making sure this land is used for parks and recreation for years to come. As Surf City continues to grow, we’ll be able to expand our recreation opportunities for our current and future citizens.” Said Mayor Doug Medlin. The Town has applied for grant funding to offset the cost of land purchase and future park development from multiple agencies, including the North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund as well as the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The addition of this property will almost triple the park land at the Community Center and Athletic Complex site.
In June of 2019, the Town Council approved a Parks and Recreation Open Space Master Plan which provides guidance for future recreation needs of the community. The Surf City Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Department, along with its Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, has worked hard to make this vision a reality. Town Manager, Kyle Breuer, has been instrumental in the land acquisition since coming aboard in January of 2020. Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Director, Chad Merritt, says “It has truly been a team effort, and we are so happy to continue to move forward with this project. When you establish a comprehensive master plan, it is a tool developed from the voice of the community, and it is our job to implement it. I am excited for Surf City; we have been waiting for a long time.”