Important Things to Remember While on Vacation 

  • Make sure you and your children know the address of your rental house—not the house name. Emergency personnel will look for an address.
  • Your pet’s safety is our concern. Please do not leave your pet in an automobile, even for a few minutes. Also, do not allow your pet to drink sea water. The result will be disagreeable. Make sure your pet displays the appropriate tags with your name and number on them.
  • Check smoke detectors in your rental home.
  • Please turn all oceanfront lights off at night, as the lights can be a distraction for nesting sea turtles.

Rip Currents

The ocean is one of nature’s most fascinating, yet volatile environments, and can occasionally pose a threat to humans. The most common threat the coastal Carolina’s are rip currents. They can occur at any time and any place, but local officials are usually aware when warnings are posted. When in doubt, ask a local official if warnings are posted. Meanwhile, you can familiarize yourself with how to deal with them should you be caught in a rip.

 Rip Current Signal Flags

Green Flag- Low Hazard
Yellow Flag - Medium Hazard
Red Flag - High Hazard
Double Red Flag - BEACH IS CLOSED

Paid Parking

Where can we park?

All Surf City beach accesses are paid parking. Roland Ave. west of N. New River Drive is 2 hour parking only.

How much does it cost to park?

Paid parking cost is $3/hour, $20/day, or $60/week

How do I pay to park?

Check the signage located at the entrance of the designated parking area. You will then be able to scand the QR Code or Text the passcode on the sign to 25023. Sign in or Continue as a Guest, Enter your License Plate Number and Credit Card Information.

How do I know when my parking time is up?

A warning text will be sent when your paid time is about to expire. You will then be able to extend your time.

Can I park on the Right-of-Way?

No. Right-of-Way parking is strictly prohibited unless a yellow Town of Surf City designated parking bumper has been installed.

Who should I call if I get a parking ticket?

Please contact Pivot Parking at 833-GO-PIVOT, visit 305 N. New River Drive, or email at SurfCityParkingPermit@PivotParking.com

Can I park in a business parking lot?

Business are private property. When properly marked, property owners may tow vehicles. G.S. 20-219.2 

Frequently Asked Questions

May we drink alcohol on the beach? 

Yes, but no glass containers allowed on the beach.
Note: You may not drink within 500 feet of Roland Ave. beach access on beach.

May we drink alcohol in our boat? 

Yes, the NC legal age of 21.
Drivers may not have an blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher.

May we drink alcohol on the street?

No. Open alcoholic beverages on public streets and/or beach accesses are not permitted

Which beach accesses have showers and restrooms? 

Broadway Avenue - Access #5
New Bern Avenue - Access #15
Roland Avenue - Access #18
Kinston Avenue - Access #19

Can we have dogs on the beach, do they always have to be on a leash?

Dogs are permitted on the beach, provided they are on a leash no longer than 10 feet.
You must clean up after your pet, and complimentary bags are provided at beach accesses.

Can we grill on the beach? 

 For the safety of our guests and local native animal life, gas grills only are permitted.

Can I tent camp on the beach? 

Tent camping is not permitted on our beaches.

Can we play on dunes? 

NO, the dunes are the main source of protection for the island, and we ask that you stay off the dunes. Dune grasses hold our dunes together. 

Can we dig holes?

Holes no deeper than 12 inches my be dug, but must be filled in at the end of the day. Should they remain overnight, they can pose a problem for humans &  sea turtles.

Can I leave my chairs and umbrella out overnight on the beach?

All beach equipment must be removed on a daily basis by owner or permitted user.  If equipment is left on the beach it will be removed by the Town of Surf City and disposed of. 

Can I surf near the Pier?

Surfing is not permitted within 300 feet on either side of any commercial fishing pier located within the Town from March 15 to December 1.

Can I drive a golf cart on the streets?

Not unless it is street legal. (License tag, valid state inspection, seat belts, headlights, etc.)

Can I drive a scooter/mo-ped on the street without a license? 

Yes, drivers must be 16 years old.

Do I need a helmet to bike in the street? 

Yes, by North Carolina Law anyone under 16 years old must wear a helmet while biking in the street.

Can we shoot fireworks? 

No. Fireworks that explode or fly in the air are not permitted under North Carolina Law.

Can we reserve park or picnic areas for wedding or parties? 

Yes. Please contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 910-328-4887.

Where is Lost and Found? 

Items that are lost and found are often turned in to the Surf City Police Department.  Please contact us to inquire about your lost and found item(s) or set up an appointment to retrieve your property. 
214 West Florence Way, Hampstead, NC 28443