Surf City Key Card Info


Your Key Cards serves as your "key to the town" and will expedite access back into Surf City after an evacuation. Key Cards will only be issued to Island residents (owners, long term renters), business owners, and property managers. If you are a resident of the Mainland portion of Town, you will not need a Key Card. If you are new to the community and need a Key Card, or you need a replacement for a lost or stolen Key Card, complete the form found on the request page here.

For clarification, a "long term renter" is any person who rents a residence from another party, for a contractual period of at least 6 months. 

Business Owners and Property Managers can now request up to 10 Key Cards for their staff to gain access to the Island following an evacuation as well. The Business Key Card Request page can be found here.  

Replacement Key Cards can also be requested for lost/stolen cards as well. In these situations, the lost Key Cards will be "flagged" in our system and will be deactivated. Please note, these "flagged" Key Cards can NOT be used to gain entry to the Island, If you locate a "lost" card, either destroy it, or return it to Town staff. This process ensures the integrity of the system and prevents unauthorized persons for accessing restricted areas.

If, at the time of re-entry, you do not have your Key Card with you, please bring a government issued photo ID, along with property proof of ownership (utility or tax bill) with you. You will be directed to an off site location where your information will be verified and a temporary pass will be issued to you.