Accessory Buildings

  • Setbacks are 5’ from side and rear property lines. Front setback is the same as the principal structure of the home (can not protrude in front of principal structure)
  • A drawing must be submitted with an application for set up
  • All utility buildings must be tied down to meet the wind code.

Clearing Lot

  • A Zoning Permit is required with a Tree Survey indicating locations of current trees and diameters of each tree protected by the ordinance.

(CAMA) Coastal Area Management Act

  • Docks, crossovers, coastal setbacks are permitted by the State agency CAMA. Please contact the local field representative with any questions and for permitting. Jason Dail – Field Representative NC Division of Coastal Management 127 Cardinal Drive Extension Wilmington, NC 28405 910-796-7221 Fax: 910-385-3964 Jason.dail@ncdenr.gov www.nccoastalmanagement.net


  • Pervious driveways are required for all residential properties on the Island and along all properties adjoining the water or wetlands on mainland.
  • Pervious: Materials having pores or openings that permit liquids to pass through. Marl, ABC Stone, crush and run and other similar materials are not considered pervious.
  • Wooden slatted decks and the water area of a swimming pool are considered pervious.
  • 4.1.17 (3)(h) pervious materials shall be used for the construction of any surfaces located outside the footprint of the principal structure and any accessory buildings allowed. (Commercial development and roads are exempt from this requirement). Pervious materials are, but not limited to, pervious concrete, pervious asphalt, slate gravel, river rock, slatted wood and other similar materials or products designed to allow water to pass through.
  • 5.1.5 Driveways. a) Improvement to existing residential driveways will not be required to submit engineered plans if pervious materials are used. Any other materials used will require an engineered plan for stormwater management. Materials acceptable for driveways shall include pervious concrete, gravel, stone, or any other pervious material.

Construction Work Hours

  • November 1 through March 31 Monday through Saturday 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. April 1 through October 31 Monday through Saturday 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.


  • Maximum height 6’, 4’ if in front of house.
  • No Zoning or Building permit needed.
  • Must be non-opaque. A good neighbor or shadowbox style fence is permittable.
  • If located on oceanfront lot a CAMA permit may be required. Please contact your local field representative with any questions.

Flood Zone & Enclosures

  • Vents are required in AE flood zone– 1sq inch of vent per 1sq foot of enclosed area – cannot be higher than 12”.
  • Breakaway walls are only required in VE Zone.
  • If you want to change bracing – it must be engineered.
  • If enclosure for garage for vehicle the ceiling must have 5/8 drywall

House Numbers

  • Every property owner shall purchase and display in a conspicuous place the number assigned at least seven (7) inches in height. Every property owner of an ocean-front lot shall place their assigned street number on the ocean side of the primary structure. 16-83

Manufactured Homes

  • Mainland: At least a Windzone 2
  • Island: Windzone 3
  • If own property & trailer – yes can do own work. If not – must be licensed.
  • If not on town sewer: Zoning Permit for septic tank permit to take to County. Must provide Wastewater System Construction Authorization and Wastewater System Operations Permit (from County)
  • If not on town water: Must provide Well Permit (from County) Flood Zone:
  • Cannot be installed in V-Zone even if on stilts, unless in existing MHP. AE – must be built to meet flood zone height. Foundation engineered.

Moving Permit

  • Single wide (Moving Out of Surf City only)
  • A Moving Permit must be approved and you must contact the Police Department to make arrangements.
  • Stick Built (Moving In, Moving Out, or Moving thru Surf City)
  • Must be approved by the Town Council, a Moving Permit must be approved, and you must contact the Police Department to make arrangements.

Plot Plans

  • Please delineate the following on your plot plan:
  • Show the driveway to edge of pavement and the measurement of the driveway.
  • Delineate any trees as required by the ordinance (unless submitted separately)
  • Must be sealed by a surveyor
  • Delineate all decks, stairs walkaways and accessory structures.
  • If pervious material are required please show.
  • Show maximum allowed impervious area of lot.
  • Setback lines.
  • These are items commonly left off of plot plans and not a complete list. If you have any questions of additional requirements please contact us.


  • 4-foot strip of concrete allowed (if pervious calculations for your lot allow) – any more must be pervious.
  • All applications must have survey with proposed pool and associated decking drawn in by surveyor (stamped and signed).
  • Check with HOA & Homeowners Insurance regarding fence and alarm.
  • Check your calculations for impervious lot coverage allowed for your lot. Found on your deed restrictions and/or survey map. Must be updated on submitted survey.
  • If above ground 5’ setback from edge of deck not attached to house.
  • If ground level pool and deck 5’ setback from edge of pool.
  • If in V-Zone Must be engineered, CAMA permit, Pool V-zone Certificate, & Elevation Certificate.
  • May need a CAMA permit.
  • Must get a Pool permit, Zoning permit, and Electrical permit.

Windborne DeBris Protection

  • Click here to get information directly from the NC Department of Insurance.