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FEMA Public Notice - Notice of Availability of the Draft Statewide Programmatic Environmental Assessment (DSPEA)


SPEA Berm Final


           We were honored to have Colonel Benjamin Bennett as guest at the December 7th monthly council meeting, where he spoke on the background of the Coastal Storm Risk Management Project, beginning with the approval in 2018. The project had been approved by congress on the basis that it included the town of N. Topsail Beach. Their withdrawal from the project earlier this year has caused the current delay. The Army Corps of Engineers is working to justify the Surf City portion of the project to stand on its own. 

           Col Bennett is hoping the project will move forward within the Wilmington office. If not approved internally, the project will face a more intricate process for approval. The commitment to Surf City is the ACOE will continue to keep the town apprised of progress. 

            Col. Bennett spoke of the feasibility study, referring to the laws of the state and EPA to emphasize the necessary environmental compliance. The risk of moving forward fast or wrong is not worth holding up the project in litigation. The ACOE needs to be able to show they did their homework, following the law and the process. He does not want to see anyone vulnerable to litigation.

             While he does communicate regularly with legislators across the state, Col Bennett stressed there is no political affiliation. He confirmed our leadership, both state and locally, have been extremely responsive in getting the Army Corps of Engineers the information they need, and everyone is doing everything they can to move the project along. There is confidence they will figure out a way to get the sand on the beach, even if they must go through the more bureaucratic way of doing it. In the meantime, they are working through the environmental impact to be ready with appropriate permits once the project is approved. 

            In response to what other projects Surf City could potentially consider doing now, Col. Bennett said "you can’t have several agencies working on separate projects at the same time". He explained how the ACOE uses an engineered profile that tells them the best way to build the dune structures. They are built as if you are building a house with a beach profile and plans. He said they are getting closer and have brought in economists and other folks to make sure they get it right and all aspects are up to date. There is a sense of urgency due to the risk of hurricanes. Optimistically, there would be a definitive answer before the next dredging window, which opens in September. 

            Councilwoman Batts added that Surf City and its citizens are 100% committed. It was noted that representatives from Senator Tillis’ office and Representative Rouzer’s office were present at the meeting, and everyone involved is communicating and committed to getting the project to move forward. 

            The federal project is estimated to add an additional 12 million cubic yards of sand to the beach, build a new dune that is projected to be 25’ wide and 14’ high and widen the beach with a 6’ high and 300’ wide berm. Oceanfront citizens should have already turned in the perpetual easements. If you have not received your oceanfront easement, please contact or 910-328-4131x106. This is not the same easement that was previously signed in 2019. This is a new easement required by USACE for the new beach nourishment project.

Aerial plat maps for each oceanfront parcel have been posted online. Oceanfront owners can view their property by using the link below, open the Key to find the corresponding map to your property.



Example Easement:

Dune Profile


Oceanfront owners can view their property by using the links below to view an Aerial Plat Map for each oceanfront parcel.
To find the map that corresponds with your property, please use the key below.

Aerial Plat Maps for Construction Easement Lines 
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