Beach Safety

Important things to remember when visiting our beaches...

  • Make sure you and your children know the address of your rental house - not the house name. Emergency personnel will look for an address.
  • Your pet's safety is our concern. Please do not leave your pet in an automobile, even for a few minutes. Make sure that your pet is also wearing current tags that clearly display your contact information if found.
  • Check smoke detectors in your rental home.
  • Please turn off all oceanfront lights at night, as the lights can be a distraction for nesting and hatching sea turtles.

Rip Currents

The ocean is one of nature’s most fascinating, yet volatile environments, and can occasionally pose a threat to humans. The most common threat the coastal Carolina’s are rip currents. They can occur at any time and any place, but local officials are usually aware when warnings are posted. When in doubt, ask a local official if warnings are posted. Meanwhile, you can familiarize yourself with how to deal with them should you be caught in a rip.