Regulations & Beach Information

Please enjoy & help to protect our beaches by following the guidelines below.

  • Be aware oShark Attackf ocean & weather conditions – Swim at your own risk
  • Keep off dunes - $500 max fine
    (Surf City Ord. Sec. 4-10)
  • Pets must always remain on a leash
  • Please clean up after your pets. (Surf City Ordinance Sec. 3-3)
  • No littering - $1000 max fine
    Help protect our beach by using the trash & recycle receptacles located at the entrance of each public beach access.
    (NC GS 14-399)
  • Personal items will be disposed of if left overnight
    10PM – 7AM (Surf City Ordinance Sec. 4-13)
  • All man-made holes must be filled
    (Surf City Ordinance Sec. 4-2)
  • No open flames or charcoal grills
    Portable gas grills are permitted. (Surf City Ordinance Sec. 4-8)
  • No glass is allowed on the beach
    (Surf City Ordinance Sec. 4-7)
  • No alcohol or smoking/vaping
    In the areas between Public Beach Access #17 (300 N. Shore Dr.) & Public Beach Access # 19 (200 S. Shore Dr.). (Surf City Ordinance Sec. 4-17)
  • Swimming & Surfing is not permitted within 300 feet on either side of any commercial fishing pier 
    located within the Town from March 15 - December 1
    (Surf City Ordinance Sec. 4-9)

Any violations are subject to fines & penalties. For questions or concerns contact (910) 328-4887. 
In case of emergency, call 911

Lost & Found:

Surf City Police Department, 214 W. Florence Way, Surf City, NC 28445
(910) 328-7711

For a full list of Town Ordinances, please click here.