Right of Way Project


The Town of Surf City is initiating the right of way (ROW) clean-up project to improve life throughout the Town by reducing risks to pedestrians and motorists. This will be accomplished by providing streetside clear zones and sight triangles at intersections. This project will begin in ROW Zone 1 on March 1, 2023, and conclude with ROW Zone 13 at a time yet to be determined. Each zone is estimated to take a minimum of three (3) months to complete and in some cases may take longer based on the level of compliance prior to inspections. At this time the project will only be carried out on Town-owned streets which require a clear zone of eight (8) feet from the edge of pavement or the edge of the ROW/Property line. All properties with sidewalks will require a two (2) foot-clear zone from the edge of sidewalk. Inspections will be conducted at the end of the ninety (90) day initial period and all properties in violation will be issued citations. If your property receives a citation and it is believed that it should be granted an encroachment, it will undergo internal review. If it is found by the internal review committee that the citation stands and no encroachment agreement shall be granted, it will be forwarded for final adjudication by the Citation Appellate Committee.

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Project implementation begins with notification March 1, 2023. Zones will be completed as follows:

Zone 1 - Begins March 1, 2023, with the 90-day period ending May 30, 2023.

Zone 2 - Begins June 1, 2023, with the 90-day period ending August 30, 2023.

Zone 3 - Begins September 1, 2023, with the 90-day period ending November 30, 2023. 

This schedule will be updated quarterly to reflect progress/needs for adjustment.

You may view an interactive version of the ROW map here: 

Town of Surf City ROW Interactive Map 

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Please utilize the link below to view the Right of Way Policy:

Town of Surf City Right of Way Policy



Stormwater Issues

Emergency Vehicle Clearance 


In emergency situations our first responders need adequate clearance to proceed through traffic and assist those in need. Have clear right of ways supports quicker and safer response during emergencies.

Parking Management 

Previously, the Town did not limit parking within the right of way, along with the limitation of parking the Town has increased the amount of parking available. With the addition of paid parking, visitors can only park in designated spots. During the season Parking Ambassadors actively monitor these areas to ensure visitors are parking within the designated locations. In the past, property owners placed items to deter parking between the pavement and their property. Property owners can report violations to the Parking Management company should they continue to persist.

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Right of Way Examples:

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