South Shore Stormwater Project

Grout box II
Box install
ADS Pipe Install 10.24.23
Sealing Pipe 10.24.23
ADS Pipe install 11.27.23
ADS Pipe install II 11.27.23
MH Excavation 11.27.23
MH Setting 11.27.23
MH Install 11.27.23
Sealing MH
Sealing MH II

February 22, 2024 Update:

The Town anticipates construction on the South Shore Stormwater Project to begin around March 6th according to the Town’s contractor. They anticipate beginning work on at the 2201 S. Shore site then progressing to the 1815 S. Shore site. As work progresses and if there’s any delays, those updates will be posted to the project website. The 1815 S. Shore project site will remain closed to public parking until the project is completed.

February 12, 2024 Update:

The Town’s contractor is expecting delivery of material to begin the installation of the subsurface infiltration chambers this week. Once delivery is confirmed, we can expect work to continue on both sites (1815 and 2201 S. Shore Drive). Duration and impacts will be communicated once the installation schedule is provided back to the Town.

December 15, 2023 Update:

The NCDOT completed their portion of the storm water project and by Friday, December 15th the Town Parking Lot will be cleaned up and the removed section of sidewalk will be replaced. All of the work has been completed as planned thus far.

October 18th, 2023 Update:

Maintenance forces will begin installing drainage structures and related pipe, within the right of way on Monday October 23rd.  Work will be ongoing until November 30th to complete all infiltration related work within the right of way. 

This project will involve intermittent road and sidewalk closures and will be carried out in two phases. The first phase will be at 2201 S. Shore, followed by the second phase at 1815 S. Shore. Work Hours are Monday through Thursday, 10 hours a day, during daylight hours. During the project, there will be intermittent road and sidewalk closures in the specified areas.

The work project is detailed further in the image below:


The Town of Surf City, along with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), will install a total of 5,674 square feet of Stormwater Management Underground Infiltration System, a Stormwater Pump station with an Accessible Electrical Control Panel, a Storm Drainage System, and Erosion Sediment Control at the two sites including 1815 and 2201 South Shore Dr. Surf City NC. This effort will help reduce the amount of standing water on South Shore Dr. and redirect it back into the groundwater.  This will address the flooding on South Shore Drive and allow for safer road access during rainstorms.

In addition to the stormwater improvements, NCDOT will also be resurfacing the entirety of South Shore Drive from the S-Curve south to the Topsail Beach town line. This work will follow the stormwater project and is anticipated to extend into Spring 2024.  For a closer look at the plans, see the link below.

Projected start date is 9/11/2023 and will include:  

  • Close 1815 S. Shore Dr. Public Parking Lot to use as the supply and staging area.  
  • Periodic Lane closures beginning after September 11, 2023, to cut asphalt and setting manholes.  
  • Continuous Single Lane Closure Beginning October 11, 2023, to install DI boxes and lay pipe.  Once all pipes and structures are in place, the Tier Asphalt contractor will patch out all open cuts.  Concrete contractors will repair any removed concrete.

    The Project has an expected duration of 150 days to Substantial Completion and 180 days to Final Completion for the 1815 Site; and 90 days to Substantial Completion and 120 days to Final Completion for the 2201 Site.pg4