Awareness & Education


~RIP CURRENTS~ The ocean is one of nature’s most fascinating, yet volatile environments, and can occasionally pose a threat to humans. The most common threat the coastal Carolina’s are rip currents. They can occur at any time and any place, but local officials are usually aware when warnings are posted. When in doubt, ask a local official if warnings are posted. If you are visiting beach access #13-23, we have warning flags to inform you of the current threat level and you can also follow the Surf City Fire Department's Facebook page for a daily report. Meanwhile, you can familiarize yourself with how to deal with a rip current should you be caught in one by viewing the video below.

Rip Current Science


It is also good to stay informed of weather predictions as changes can sometimes come quickly and winds, rain, and storms can greatly effect the risks associated with swimming in the ocean.  Another great resource to use during your visit to the beach is the Experimental Beach Forecast page.  This is one of the tools that our team uses as they prepare and plan on a daily basis.