What do I need to put in a Pool or Hot Tub?
  • 4 foot strip of concrete allowed (if pervious calculations for your lot allow) – any more must be pervious.
  • All applications must have survey with proposed pool and associated decking drawn in by surveyor (stamped and signed).
  • Check with HOA & Homeowners Insurance regarding fence and alarm.
  • Check your calculations for impervious lot coverage allowed for your lot. Found on your deed restrictions and/or survey map. Must be updated on submitted survey.
  • If above ground 5' setback from edge of deck not attached to house.
  • If ground level pool and deck 5' setback from edge of pool.
  • If in V-Zone Must be engineered, CAMA permit, Pool V-zone Certificate, & Elevation Certificate.
  • May need CAMA permit.
  • Must get a Pool permit, Zoning permit, and Electrical permit. 
  • New Hot Tub installation on a deck requires Engineered drawings. If replacing a hot tub of same size or smaller Engineers drawing are not required. Hot Tub installed on ground do not require Engineered drawings.

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