I have questions regarding concrete.
  • Pervious driveways are required for all residential properties on the Island and along all properties adjoining the water or wetlands on mainland.
  • Pervious: Materials having pores or openings that permit liquids to pass through. Marl, ABC Stone, crush and run and other similar materials are not considered pervious.
  • Wooden slatted decks and the water area of a swimming pool are considered pervious.
  • 4.1.17 (3)(h) pervious materials shall be used for the construction of any surfaces located outside the footprint of the principal structure and any accessory buildings allowed. (Commercial development and roads are exempt from this requirement). Pervious materials are, but not limited to, pervious concrete, pervious asphalt, slate gravel, river rock, slatted wood and other similar materials or products designed to allow water to pass through.
  • 5.1.5 Driveways. a) Improvement to existing residential driveways will not be required to submit engineered plans if pervious materials are used. Any other materials used will require an engineered plan for stormwater management. Materials acceptable for driveways shall include pervious concrete, gravel, stone, or any other pervious material.

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3. I have questions regarding concrete.
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